Q: I'm a freshman and I want to join ASME International in the Spring semester, do I have to pay the $20 fee?
A: Actually, since you're a freshman, ASME membership is free. However, if you weren't a freshman, you would not have to pay the whole $20 fee. The fee for the Spring semester is only $10.

Q: Can ASME help me in my search for an internship?
A: Yes, ASME has close ties to industry professionals and can help to connect you through events like our general meetings and our annual golf outing. Also, ASME maintains close ties with the industry (hence our Industrial Relations Chair), so people in ASME may have a better chance at landing a position.

Q: I went to the bookstore today to find out that I can not sell my book back, any ideas of how I can get some money for it?
A: You could try to sell it online. Even though our professors may not use the book that you have, professors at other universities may still use that book. Also keep your eyes open for the Engineering Book Swap, held at the beginning of every semester!

Q: I have too much spare time on my hands, what should I do?????
A: Join ASME, you'll have a lot of fun and it looks good on your resume.

Q: All of my friends are signing up for 17 credits next semester. Is this a good idea for me to do?
A: No. You see, engineering classes are harder than L&S classes, and are often undercredited. Most students find themselves strapped for time even with 15 credits or fewer. Don't overburden yourself.

Q: Is Dynamics hard? It's only worth 3 credits, so it can't be too bad. Right?
A: Actually, Dynamics is one of the toughest classes you'll take. The problems are quite complicated, especially towards the end of the semester. Be sure to keep up on the homework and you'll be fine.

Q: My question isn't on here. What should I do??
A: Contact our Academic Chair, Sydney Wagner, who will answer it as best they can and return an answer to you (hopefully) within a day or two.