This semester's Outreach chair is Jeff Albrecht:
If would like to participate in any of these events, have any suggestions, or you would like to help organize outreach events this semester, email Jake, jalbrecht@wisc.edu.

To sign up for these events, please add your name and email address on the spreadsheet under the corresponding column. Please follow these guidelines when signing up for events:

  • Sign up for only two events at a time where there are limited spots (except for events like the polar plunge where we have an unlimited number of spots).
  • If you are really interested in participating in an event, but already signed up for two others, simply put your name under the yellow blocked spots, which will then become the waiting list. If people have not signed up within a week to fill the event, I'll just move the names up on a first come, first serve basis.
  • If possible, Jake will try to make sure that everyone who has signed up gets a chance to participate. This might mean that people lower on the waiting list get opportunities if spots open up and they haven't gotten a chance to volunteer yet.
  • If you can drive, please sign up in the driver slot!
  • If you, for whatever reason, need to remove yourself from an event you are signed within the week it takes place, please also send Jake an email. This will allow Him to move the next person in line into the open space and email them so they are aware of the change.
  • The link to our spreadsheet can be found HERE.

New Events To Be Posted Soon!!

River Food Pantry

This is a very cool event and seems to be relatively popular among ASME members. Each month we will head over to the food pantry on a Friday and spend some time volunteering. This event normally involves things such as serving food, helping patrons with their carts, etc. It is a very rewarding experience, and ASME strongly recommends trying it out!