Why Should You Join ASME?

(Other Than It's The Best Engineering Organization on Campus)

We have introduced a sectional membership as opposed to an international membership. You are still encouraged to become and international member as well, but to directly contribute to our student org, sectional membership is encouraged.

You can pay for membership at any general meeting or during any office hours

Membership Fees

  • Year Membership: $20
  • Semester Membership: $10
Renew Membership

Joining the student section of ASME at UW-Madison has many benefits, here's just a few:

  • Guest speakers at meetings
  • Regional conferences
  • Plant Tours
  • Networking
  • Volunteering
  • Design Contests
  • Leadership opportunities (resume builder)
  • If you are currently a freshman its free!

Joining ASME as a freshman or sophomore provides the opportunity to network with upperclassmen that are going into the workforce. Many past ASME alumni attend career connections each fall. Take advantage of this organization; it will provide many options for your future.

-Joining ASME as a junior or senior provides you a stepping stone for starting a career. ASME exposes you to guest speakers in all areas of mechanical engineering, networking opportunities and professional membership in ASME after you graduate. Check out the ASME National web site for more information on benefits available after graduation.

Ways to Join ASME:

  1. Come to any General Meeting where you can pay the semester fee.
  2. Stop by our office (1082 Engineering Centers Building) during office hours and fill out a form with your payment.