Club Elections

Run For A Chair Position!

The ASME Officer Elections will be held during the second to last General Meeting every semester.

The elections will be run after a short segment of ASME business, and after everyone is settled in with their free ASME sponsored food. Please come be a part of our ASME democratic process, even if you’re not running. Before each vote, we will send the candidates out of the room and open the floor for discussion. This is a time for all those in attendance to relay their knowledge about the candidates to the rest of the group. Be there so we can all make the most informed decisions possible!

Why You Should Run

Becoming an Officer is a fantastic way to become more involved with our ASME student organization. Holding an officer position in ASME is a great way to help you get the most out of your college experience; not to mention, it looks great on a resume!

Some great benefits of becoming an officer are...

  • Develop your skills as a leader
  • Network directly with industry representatives and faculty
  • Get the chance to plan events for the group and develop new ones
  • Make great friends instead of just sitting in class and taking notes
  • Become more heavily involved in community outreach and other functions of ASME
  • Become an active contributor to the engineering campus and add another level to your undergraduate education experience

ASME Officers have the responsibilities of a General Member along with the additional requirements of attending business meetings on non-general meeting Tuesdays at 5:30 PM and the fulfillment of the duties specific to their position. If you will not be able to make the meetings every Tuesday at 5:30 pm, please reconsider running as the meeting times are not likely to change

How You Run

Select an officer position that is up for election. You can run for multiple positions, but you can only be elected for one, please try to stick to 3 favorites when choosing to run.

Nominate yourself by signing up to run for that position in the official sign-up spreadsheet. You may also have someone nominate you or nominate yourself for further positions during the meeting.

Check your ASME point status by doing a ‘self check’ knowing that each hour spent at ASME events is worth a point. You should be on track to have 10 ASME points by the end of the semester to be eligible to run. PLEASE email us with any special circumstances which may exist preventing you from having 10 points. We want YOU to run!

Make a Candidate Slide for yourself describing why you should be elected. Please do not send more than one single slide, and do not include any transitions. Send the slide as a PDF to Seth. These can and should be fun and GREATLY increase your chance of winning an election. Come to Elections ready to talk for one minute in front of the group when your position of interest is up for election. You will simply need to say a little about yourself and what makes you a good candidate for the position in question.

Keep in mind that if you lose in a particular position race, you may run again for something else later in the meeting.

What You Should Run For

Check out our officer positions below!

** = two semester position, * = one semester position
Responsible for the organization and successful operation of the student section. Serves as the intermediary between UW, the professional ASME organization, corporations, and also works to secure funds. Also in charge of general meetings, any other external relations. Overseas the general direction of the student organization.
Responsible for the other officers and their activities. In charge of business meetings, officer elections, officer retreat (1 per semester), and the maintenance duties including office hours, contact info, calendar planning, etc. Puts out fires. Steps in for Chair when absent.
Responsible for maintaining records of the section, ordering office supplies and other material, takes meeting minutes, organizes the ASME weekly events list, and updates the ASME calendar on a regular basis, sends weekly email.
Responsible for maintaining the financial accounts, approving the budget, authorizing purchases, writing checks for events, and updating reports. Main contact for the SLC and responsible for following purchasing regulations.
This position is occupied by two people working together for the whole year. Major responsibility is to lead a team in the design and construction of the year-long design implementation (we are currently participating in the ASME design competition) which will compete at the Spring ASME E-Fest or another approved design contest of their choosing. Informs and encourages participation in contests and competitions sponsored by ASME. Also facilitates fun impromptu design contests at meetings.
Main task is getting speakers for each General Meeting. Works to gain support from industry for ASME activities through plant trips, speakers, seminars, financial sponsorship and scholarships, and any other corporate supported activities. Works with other officers for corporate support in ASME activities. This officer would be obtaining speakers for the next semester’s meetings, i.e. Fall 2017.
This position may not be a position in the spring. Years past, there has been a student development conference that student sections in the area go to. This is where the ASME design competition, old guard presentation, and development seminars would be held. This year, the competition and old guard are all at an event called Engineering Fest. I will work on getting more information out as soon as I can. In the meantime, treat this position as normal and if you are interested, sign up. Just note that this position is dependent on if conference is happening. Organizes and makes arrangements for members to attend national and regional conferences. Will organize and plan accordingly when our section is hosting conference. In charge of posting dates, advertise and recruiting, handling registration, transportation and any other necessary accommodations relating to conference.
Responsible for representing ASME at campus wide events and presenting any ASME funding proposals which become available at the campus level. Prepares the ASME float for homecoming in the fall, prepares the ASME Engineering Expo exhibit in the spring, and attends and coordinates the ASME booth at the student org fairs. Also responsible for representing and/or coordinating ASME presence at other campus events.
Responsible for assisting members in academic work. Includes developing and maintaining the exam file, mentoring program between upper and underclassmen, announcing scholarships and loans, having an ME Open House, Pizza with Profs, and other academic programs such as mentorship.
Responsible for raising money for the student section through various activities that may include pizza sales, T-shirt sales, security events, cookouts, notebook and graphics kit sales, and any other ideas you can come up with! If you have really dynamite ideas to make us a lot of money, you will probably get this job.
Prepares records for the continuation of tradition and remembrance of the past heritage of the student section. Maintains the ASME Flickr and Picasa accounts, and sees that quality pictures from all ASME events are posted to facebook and on the website. Coordinates the new officer photos for the semester. They will make sure pictures, programs, and the like are collected at each activity.
Organizes and plans all outreach events with the community and the college. Some of these events include Riverside Food Pantry, Saturday Science, Christmas for Kids, Relay for Life, High School Day on Campus, Girl and Boy Scout Day on Campus, YSA, Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, Haunted House, K-12 Outreach, Adopt-a-Block, Blood Drives, ESTEAM, community cleanups, and others.
Oversees logistics and financing of all general meetings including food and drink. Organizes and provides all non-industrial speakers and seminars, and lends a hand in the procurement needs of the other officers.
Takes necessary steps to publicize all ASME activities including trips, conferences, socials, fundraising, outreach events, meetings, etc. Manages the ASME blog and sees that all other positions complete their blog posts in a timely matter. Additionally manages the ASME facebook page and twitter account.
Representing this student section of ASME at regional meetings and events. Maintains records and contact with alumni and organize events, etc. with alumni and professional ASME members. Responsibilities here includes updating of the ASME Officer-Alumni LinkedIn page.
Responsible for social gatherings of the members. Organizes and undertakes social activities including tailgates, cookouts, helps vice-chair with bi-annual officer retreats, intramural sports teams, and other social activities.
Prepares and maintains the student section website. Responsible for updating sponsor lists, officer lists and contacts, and other updates. They should also teach those members who are interested in learning more about website creation.
Responsibilities of Membership include involvement in the Pre-Engineering Welcome Week activities, including student org fair, two membership drives at the beginning of the fall and spring, meeting attendance records, and member involvement records. They will be responsible for maintaining our active member database and printing/bringing the half-sheets to general meetings (though they are generated by the president). They are also responsible for the ASME student member email list and keeping track of points that members gain throughout the semester.
Organizes and runs the ASME student Banquet hosted at the end of the semester. Secures appropriate facilities and funds, invites appropriate persons and a keynote speaker, and facilitates the presentation of awards. Also responsible for Outstanding Member Awards.

Still Have Questions?

Q: Should I still come to Elections if I’m not running?
A: YES, this is an ASME General meeting in addition to elections, so ASME business will be discussed including outreach events and socials. However, there will be no industry speaker.
Q: What if I can’t make it to the meeting, can I still run?
A: YES, you may run remotely, but please be sure to send me a PowerPoint slide of your candidacy and sign up for nomination in the Google doc. These steps are essential since you will not be present for an in-meeting nomination, nor to pitch yourself to the group.
Q: Do I need to have previous Officer Experience?
A: NO! You do NOT need to have officer experience. We encourage new officer activity and this is your chance to get more involved with ASME! However you should be on track to acquire 10 ASME points by the end of the semester.
Q: Will there be free food at the meeting?
A: Obviously! As with every ASME General Meeting, food will be provided.

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